Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Hello guys, so it's been so many years since I last wrote...
If you guys aren't following me on my social media you would know this year I've become a minimalist, well I was always a minimalist but I didn't know how to express it through fashion and my life.

A lot of things have changed,
I'm not the tween Elisa anymore
I have a boyfriend,
and now go to College!

I've also decided to create a lifestyle and poetry blog with a hint of fashion, and it's called Je Suis Elisa because I like to express the French in me that I am!
and I also want to apologise for being gone for so many years, I was growing up and out and I still am, so I wanted to update you lovelies on my current life and that I won't be posting on here anymore!

If you wanna stay updated with me, follow my social platforms and i'll be on there constantly!
Twitter: fluffys0cks
Instagram: elisazouzab
Tumblr: ffrenchprincess

and my new blog jesuiselisa.blogspot.com

Thursday, 22 January 2015

I'm back!

I was thinking of doing more fashion and beauty blogposts after my GCSES are out the way, what do you guys think?
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