Monday, 11 November 2013

My Favourite Autumn/Winter TRENDS!


Now I love love tartan so much, that everytime I wear it I feel like I'm back into the 80/90's which is the best thing because when I wear tartan it makes me feel like I'm in that era but, a new sort of way of putting tartan this year. To be honest, I think more people should wear tartan clothing because it's one of those trends that always comes back that some people wear and then no one buys any tartan related clothing, which sucks fashion's ass. However I wish I had more tartan clothing like the UNIF dress shown in the picture and skirts, tops and trousers. I could live off tartan if I could. 

Emerald Eyes

I think this eye makeup has to be my favourite trend right now because, seriously who wouldn't wear green makeup in the Autumn time because I would. I would probably try a smokey green eye with white eyeliner to change it a-bit then some other time I would wear it like Lindsay (in the picture) wore it on the catwalk with strong brows.

Cheer Pleated Skirts

Now, pleated skirts... At the moment, my brain is living off pleated skirts. I don't know why but, every time I wear some sort of short midi pleated skirt I feel like a cheerleader even though I've never done cheerleading ever in my life. I just love wearing pleated skirts because you can style them with different things and that's what I love about them.
I do need to own abit more pleated cheer skirts though. 
I already brought the American Apparel Tennis Skirt, but something happened to it and I can't take it back, so I am looking for more skirts abit like that. 
You can always pull off pleated skirts and not look like a school girl. 
You can be a cool school girl out on the streets of London or somewhere else. 


Now leather is one of those fashion items that always comes back. To be honest, you can wear leather with anything which is the reason I love it. I do own loads of coats/jackets that are leather. My new winter coat from H&M is a mix between a tweed coat, but it's black and it doesn't have any tweed on it. I guess you could say it's a tweed slouchy coat, but I feel so grown up in it because it's long but, it has leather on the collar which is what I love about it. What I'm trying to say is that leather is that one item that never gets old but, always stays on trend with everything because of the different types of coats and jackets.
Moto leather jackets are also my one favourite things about leather because UNIF have made a customised jacket with metal emoij emotions on them which is so freakin' cool for fashion. 

Yes, that's why I love leather always being on trend.

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  1. great picks! we love tartan too, and agree that it is definitely timeless. We also love lining our eyes with colour! For winter/autumn we like using purple shadow and smudging it on our lower lash line


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