Saturday, 25 January 2014

Hurry Up Spring!

Skirt - Homemade
Choker - TwirlyTrinklets
Jacket - ZARA
Creepers - EBAY

Now.. Today's OOTD reminds me of Summer going into Winter;
I think maybe because I paired up this outfit with a denim jacket and crop top to twist it up a little.
The skirt is my favourite because tartan never goes out of fashion and it goes with every piece of clothing and at the same time, it reminds me of modern Cher from Clueless but, she never wore my shoes. I wish she did...

The jacket too reminds me of the 90's and people taking deposable pictures with a whole group of friends all wearing LEVI jackets. I kind of wanted to make the outfit feel like a mix of 90's to it.
The 'YOLO' bracelet was also handmade, but I do sell them on Etsy.

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