Sunday, 9 March 2014

My Squat Progress! (2013 - 2014)

First Picture (8-9 November 2013) Second Picture - (9/03/14)
Dress - H&M

So.. All of you on Instagram asked me to do a fitness post (mostly about my squatting) so here it is.
 I started squatting at the middle of last Summer slowly going into Christmas 
*shown in the first picture* with one of my favourite friends Bebe! 
She got me into all the squatting stuff and I didn't realise how good it made me feel after a long workout.

With my workouts, I do them at home and at the gym. 
I do the basics, I'm not like those girls who I envy on Instagram with a good booty; I'm not there yet..
It really depends how motivated and how tired you are before working out.

My routine (or my secrets) :
20 x Lunges with 5kg weights 
50 x Squats (Weights or Bodyweight) every fortnight 
10 x Wide Lunges 
20 x Glute Kickbacks

but, you just got to be motivated and have a goal before start squatting.
Don't get too many expectations too, you've just got to be ready.

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