Monday, 24 March 2014

Nu Tein In Town Feat. TeinClothing



So.. Since I'm addicted to shopping on the internet, last week I decided to buy my crave that I've been craving for months; yes, this oversized bad-ass top from TeinClothing.
I saw Charlie Barker and Charlie XCX wearing it, so I decided to actually buy it and not keep saying to myself "I'll buy it in a few weeks"..

Anyway, if you're not a type of girl that likes baggy shirts.
I don't think any girl doesn't like baggy shirts but, the best thing is that the material of the tee is so soft and silky, plus the time of the delivery came in the right time that they said it was going to come.
Plus, I haven't owned a baggy top like this in forever; but this one is too perfect to handle.

I love it!

Bomber Jacket - Mango


  1. Love the print!

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