Tuesday, 26 November 2013

STP Interview: Green Haired Poison Ivory!

(and she follows me on Twitter and Instagram) 

Hi Poison Ivory! 
Your Instagram is awesome. Do you have any dos or don'ts for posting?

Gracias mamacita! I normally just post my art or some form of self expression no set rules really.

What made you dye your hair green! It's so cool

Thank u! It was a happy accident...use to be teal then one day my good friend @lindseyjenningz threw some yellow in it and made me a starburst! It just kind of took on its own life from there.

What is your favourite mascara and eyeliner?

Right now im using L'oreal but mac mascara is the best to me, it just runs out too fast :/ lol it gives full lasting coverage...ive slept in that mascara and it still looks amazing the next day haha

What is one of your favourite hairstyles at the moment?

Right now i cant really decide because i love experimenting with hair...but at this very moment ill say a long beautiful luxurious weave...im sure ill shave my head again eventually however haha

What is your favourite album/song at the moment?
I can never stop listening to "A case of you" by Joni Mitchell

What are your most favourite shops?

Thrift shops foreverz

Who are your top people to follow on Instagram?

Thats a hard one because i follow so many people! Ide say go to who i follow and go for whoever connects to you! I follow a lot of talented artistic ppl so u will never be bored. 

What is one of your favourite outfits?

I have this Marylyn monroe jacket that im always throwing on...i usually pair it with cut out leggings a sweater from the thrift store combat boots and a shit ton of chains!

When are we going to take a picture together on Instagram haha 

When i see u in person! 

Now... Onto music business haha
What is the meaning behind 'The Filth' EP that's coming soon...?

"The Filth" is a representation of all the disgusting bullshit that Hollywood & media feeds us. This EP is me purging and cleansing myself from it all.

Have you thought about touring yet? or are you going to wait until you make an album and then tour?

I will most definitely be touring top of the year! Visit IamPoisonIvory.com and subscribe for more details like tour dates and free music downloads! Not to mention prizes!

Tell us a little clue about one song on your new EP

Ive got a couple of mystery celebrity features im not aloud to share just as of yet but lets just say ive got a duet with one of my fave young vocalist and an incredible MC. Not a rapper...an MC!!! Lmao

Who would be your dream collaboration?

Jack white accompanied with his delicious guitar

Is there a song that would be made for you, if so what song would it be?
"Dazed and confused" by led zep

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