Thursday, 21 November 2013


FACT! Imogen has over 1k followers on Instagram.

Hey Immy! Your Instagram is awesome. Do you have any dos or don'ts for posting?
Oh, thank you so much! I post what ever catches my eye really, but I do keep to my instagram theme which is mostly fashion/clothes. 

What's your favourite selfie you've taken of all time?
Haha! I don't have one actually, but  a friends of mine randomly sent me one of my posts one day telling me she'd send it to my future boyfriend to appreciate. 

Who is one of your favourite fashion icons?
Definitely Bella McFadden (Internetgirl), I just really admire her individuality and it certainly helps that her style is nothing short of amazing.

Where do you buy all your clothes, cause they are wonderful and you have such good style?
Ahh thank you! For the most part I shop all online, usually etsy or ebay because I like having things that are one offs.I do weekly trips to my local op shops (thrift stores/charity stores) as well!

Who are your top people to follow on Instagram?
Ooooh, well obviously Internetgirl, sparkle_princess_ is another gorgeous gal and also sitabellan who is just wow.

What is one of your favourite fashion pieces?
I'd have to go with my black UNIF hacker dress, it's high necked and sheer with splits on the legs. I've had it forever and only just recently rediscovered it in my wardrobe.

Okay, if you were to go out to a party or somewhere where you can get all dressed up? What would you wear?
Oh umm, I think I'll just use the outfit I'm planning for Friday then: lip service glittery PVC skirt, worship the fallen witch bitch cheer top and my knee high boot wedges. 

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to be as cool as you on Instagram? 
Haha you flatter me so much! For anyone really I'd say keep true to yourself and all the things you like and love. But posting regularly does help heaps :)
What are your favourite shops? Do you prefer shopping online or going out to shop?
I pretty much live on etsy, but second hand stores in general are my favourite. I don't really have a preference for either but online shopping is so much more convenient.

Which is one of your favourite outfits to wear? (any day)
Hmm, I love my tennis skirts so definitely something involving one of them with a crop top of some sort and black boots ^~^

Hehe thanks for the interview cutie, you're a doll!


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  3. Ya no se cual es su ig :'(

  4. Ya no se cual es su ig :'(


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