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Hey Maia, Who is one of your favourite fashion icons?
I don't really have a fashion icon, I take my inspiration from Instagram and the internet if anything. 

Where do you buy all your clothes, cause they are wonderful and you have such good style!?
Thank you! 
The 3 biggies are Primark, eBay and charity shops. I'm a bargain hunter and find a lot of enjoyment out of getting the style I like on the cheap! 
If I can't find a "cheaper alternative" or particularly like something in Topshop, H&M, American Apparel, Zara, River Island etc I will buy from there, only so often though. 
I love topshop to death but I almost find to buy from topshop and have style is easy and I like a challenge!!

Who are your top people to follow on Instagram?
A couple of people you're also interviewing actually! 

I could go on for days, I love everyone I follow because I wouldn't follow them otherwise! 

What is your most favourite thing to wear??
I'm a legs-out girl (regardless of the fact my stomach is my fave bit).
I mostly wear dungarees, pinafores and circle skirts. A lot of Breton tops, a bit of fluff or fur. Socks are special to me, as are Dr Martens. I don't often wear trousers, I couldn't tell you why. Trousers just make me itchy and unhappy.

Maia, what is your secret to getting big eyes and long lashes?
My secret is my mum and dad for having big eye genes and the helping hand of circle lenses on special occasions (days I fancy feeling pretty). My eyelashes are pretty long but then I'm not a complete stranger to falsies either. 
Basically my secret is being a little fake person! 

Any beauty tips?
A foundation brush makes such a difference. I'd recommend Real Techniques Stippling brush for a slightly more natural airbrushed look, I use it for everything, moisturiser, primer, foundation and creme blush. 
You dab it on your face and then buff it in in a circular motion.
White eyeliner in your water line is a good one for bigger, brighter eyes. 

Okay, if you were to go out to a party or somewhere where you can get all dressed up? What would you wear?
I love two pieces, I think they look so cute and sophisticated. A two piece crop and skirt would be my fave along with some cute block heels and ankle socks with a bit of glitter.
I think I just make more of an effort with my hair and make up when I want to dress up.

What is one of your favourite outfits??
Ooh, tricky. 
My favourite go-to outfit would be a denim pinafore and Breton (striped) top with cute socks and Dr Martens.
My favourite slightly dressier outfit would probably be a tartan number like one of my dresses or two piece.

What are your favourite shops?
Chazza shops 4 LYF.

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to be as cool as you on Instagram? 
Haha I wouldn't say I was cool but thanks. 
I'd say be yourself and find who you are and what you like. 
I enjoy posting photos because I enjoy the feedback that I must be doing something right with my face and dress sense. It's a nice feeling, especially after a long day of changing nappies and having food thrown at you! 

Do you have any makeup favourites that you absolutely love?
As I said earlier, Real Techniques Stippling brush and their foundation brush.
Revlon Colorstay foundation is a firm fave, as is a lot of MUA products because they're as cheap as £1 and I've found some right goodies! 

If you had to choose between pastels or brights what would you pick?
Ooh. Probably brights but only by a tiny bit. I like bright yellow and red.
I like pale pink though, tough one.

Maia, what is your favourite shop to buy dresses from?
Either vintage ones off of eBay or primark because they're affordable and seem to be nailing it at the moment, well done Primark, you babe.

Any favourite trends at the moment?
Fluff and fur can stay in my life forever. Soft things rule over anything. Tartan can also stay, tartan is my friend.

Thankyou Maia!! It was so fun to interview you 

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