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Hello Asher, I absolutely love your Instagram anyway, who is one of your favourite fashion icons?
I struggle with this question because there isn't one person that I constantly check up on for fashion inspiration. I'm not really into celebrities, so I never actually look at what they're wearing for inspiration!

Where do you buy all your clothes, cause they are wonderful and you have such good style!?
online and op shops/second hand stores. most of the stores in my area don't have clothes that I particularly like/that fit me, so I regularly go into op shops and buy a lot of clothing/accessories, as well as shopping online/searching certain pieces up on the internet. I don't really have any favourite sites. 

Who are your top people to follow on Instagram?
this is a tough question! I'm sure I'll forget people and I apologise. first few people that come to mind are Cherie (psych_fgt), Charlie (charliexbarker), Imogen (princess_immy_), Sita (sitabellan), Bella (internetgirl), Mary (maryrosenberger) and Bree (breekish)

What is your most favourite thing to wear?
this is a tough question too, because it always changes! especially depending on the weather. at the moment though, it's my thrifted netball skirt. 

Asher, what is your secret to thick cara delevingne looking brows! They are so pretty, I wish I had them? 
good genes! haha. my dad's side of the family has naturally very dark, thick hair. I also use a natio brow kit to shape them a lil bit. 

Any beauty tips?
not really. just do what you want to yourself! no make up, fine. lots of make up, that's okay. I think it's important for girls (people, even) to realise that we should be able to do our make up if we choose to, and however we feel fit, and not get bothered by other people regarding if it's too little, too much, etc. 

Okay, if you were to go out to a party or somewhere where you can get all dressed up? What would you wear?
again, depends on the weather and situation. and my mood. but, I'd probably just wear "normal" clothes that I wear everyday. a skirt and top, or maybe even a dress. I hardly wear high heels as I have really weak ankles and it hurts. (hence why I have so many platforms). 

What is one of your favourite outfits?
hmm, my black high waisted flares with just a small/cropped black top. it's a simple outfit but I adore how my flares make me look taller, haha. unfortunately I can't wear them lately as it's been too hot. 

What are your favourite shops?
honestly, I don't have any. I just adore op shops because you can find the best things sometimes. if you go in there with creativity and determination you can basically invent any outfit. 

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to be as cool as you on Instagram? 
haha oh man, I don't know how to respond to that! I guess just be open and okay with who you are. people like seeing others comfortable in their own skin and style. and if they don't like it, they are honestly just envious they can't/don't feel that way about themselves yet. 

Do you have any makeup favourites that you absolutely love?
I'm not a big make up person to be honest. I buy a lot of my make up from sales racks/pharmacies, etc. I guess I just love my lipsticks the most though. 

Asher, where do you buy all your lovely cyber babe sort of clothes from! They are so beautiful, I wish I had your wardrobe?
again, op shops. great place to go if you have the right mindset. usually I go 1-2 times a week to all the different op shops in my area. 

If you had to choose between pastels or brights what would you pick?
brights. pastels are nice but there comes a time when I'm sick of them and I want something "louder" 

Any favourite trends at the moment?
I like that more people are realising how good second hand stores are. I think it's nice that people are recognising we don't need to spend a lot on something when you can find something very similar or even better in an op shop.

thanks for interviewing me cutie :* 

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