Saturday, 18 January 2014


T-shirt - H&M
Fluffy Cardigan - H&M
Cheer Skirt - WTF 
Coat - H&M
Creepers - EBAY
IT Book by Alexa Chung.

When I was planning and sorting this whole outfit together; in my head.. I had this school vibe.
Long mermaid hair, cheer skirt and carrying a book everywhere.
The cheer skirt and the book has to be my favourite thing about this outfit.
It just reminds me of what I would wear to a library or to school. I just can't get that vibe out of my head plus, the Alexa Chung book brings the whole school vibe in the whole entire outfit.
Seriously... Sadly, the James Dean tee; I got it like a year ago, but I have found where you guys can get it in your wardrobe :)

Next time, you bring a book out with you, bring a school vibe into it.

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