Saturday, 4 January 2014

Brooke Candy Inspired Hairstyle.

Nobody goes wrong with her, I mean she did a collaboration with Charli XCX and Grimes.
They are both my favourite including Brooke Candy, yup;
however today, I felt like changing my style a little bit.
Not my style, but my hair..

So, I decided to go with Brooke's signature hairstyle.
It's fabulous; but it did take me an hour to do all by myself..
I'm not used to it, hahaha.

I feel so bad ass with this hair, ah but, I'm still wondering what it would look like done professionally.
Hmmm.. We'll see :)


  1. Hi hi hi !!! Absolutely love this look, doll. I've followed you :~) I'm trying to start up my own fashion blog and I saw your comment on an Instagram page - which lead me to your blog. Do you have any tips, what techniques do you use to gain pageviews ?? Thanks, doll. :D

    1. Hey doll, aw thankyou! You definitely should start a fashion blog. To be honest, I had one before this one and it wasn't too good but, if you would like to email me I can give you some tips and I'm so glad you found my blog from Instagram, it's the only place I'm ever active except from Twitter and Tumblr hahaha :)


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