Sunday, 19 January 2014

Mermaid Hair!

So.. 5 days ago; I decided that I was going to change something about myself.
Not mentally, just make a change.. and you would never guess that I would do this, but I did.
I went on HairTrader randomly and just felt like ordering hair dye and change my hair a little.

and this is how I did it.

The hair dyeing...

This was the dye that I used...

At first, it was a light green 
then the next phase was adding more blue into the hair...

Yes, I used a paint brush because my blending brush from the last time I dyed my hair was broken.
I died.

and that's what it looked like when I freshly dyed my hair.. Mermaid inspired!

Now, the last phase of the dyeing process! YAY

Now.. I'm officially a mermaid!! 

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