Saturday, 1 February 2014

♡ PVC Dream Featuring Missguided ♡

Crop Top - Omighty 
Fluffy Cardigan - H&M
PVC Skirt - Missguided
Creepers - Ebay

I absolutely adore this outfit, since I was going to Brighton and you can't go wrong with looking fabulous and like a new Gwen Stefani in town; but I love this outfit because it brings out the cool and bad ass side of me which I only show when I go out with black clothing on. 

So, this is my first PVC skirt I own and I adore it to bits.
It reminds me of the 90's, my favourite era for everything; but with a little twist to it.
I would say modern 90's outfit that some sassy cheerleading girl would wear out to a date with her boyfriend or something.

You seriously cannot go wrong with this black skirt. 
I team it up with everything plus it's so comfortable and fits my body like a glove since I have a tiny waist and a big booty, it's very hard to pull of a PVC skirt that is just one colour (black) and black is very hard to put with other pieces of clothing, but I always add a pop of colour with my black clothes.
The PVC skirt is tight round the waist and curves then loose at your thighs which is a perfect shape and way to fit into a PVC skirt since there supposed to be tight as anything, but I adore it and I want to wear it everywhere/

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