Thursday, 6 February 2014

♡ Style Icon Project: Interview With AlienCreature ♡

Hello, I absolutely adore your instagram!

Do you have any tips for people starting instagram?
Do your own thing. Take pictures of what you find beautiful! Even if that means (in my case) to paint your collarbones with glitter or putting crystals under your eyes. If that is what you find beautiful and special then do it! Don't count followers either! The amount of followers do not really matter, people can buy followers on internet nowadays. The thing that matters is likes and comments, people writing and commenting that they like your work and your ig. That is the one thing I appreciate most with instagram. Finding people, and other aliens, who like my work and who is like me. Finding and getting new friends every day! But sometimes you must also ask yourself; is your ig for you or for your followers? It's easy to lose oneself in the process, and therefor it's important to remind yourself of what you want your ig to be. In my case I want to post pictures that I have taken myself and that I am proud of, and hopefully people will like them, but most importantly; I like them!

What hair dye do you use or do you change it up??
I use directions violet. But I dyed my hair with manic panic a few months ago and that dye was much more
blue than directions which left my otherwise purple hair looking bluish-purple, which I like too! But I miss my purple hair that was much more "warm", if you know what I mean.

What are you favourite kind of shops or shops you normally shop at? (online or in the high street)
Recently I have bought most of my clothes at H&M which is highly unusual considering I never use to shop there before. 
But they have cheap clothes, and fall 2013 they sold a lot of chunky boots and fuzzy sweaters which I love!
But otherwise my favorite shop is Monki, I love their clothes. And when it comes to accessories and shoes I buy a lot from eBay,
cuz cheap haha!

What are your favourite apps that you use for your photos?
Snapseed. That is the only app I ever use. I frequently get asked what filters I use but the fact is that I never use filters, I only edit my pictures with Snapseed. 

What's the meaning behind your instagram name and tips for the perfect selfies? 
I dunno actually. I have always felt like an alien, an outsider in a very shallow world. I have never really fitted in. Never been considered beautiful or popular. But I have never really wanted to fit in either, and that's probably one of the main reasons I dyed my hair purple. To distant myself from whats considered "normal". I'm basically an alien, an alien creature.

Tips for the perfect selfies? Oh I don't know. Be yourself, express your personality through your photos. Selfies that capture the inner personality of the person is always the most beautiful.

Do you prefer chokers or a necklace?

If you were going out somewhere special, what kind of outfit would you get together?
Depends very much of where I am going. But I would probably wear my dr martens jadon, with tight black jeans and maybe a band t-shirt! But if it was a real classy event I'd probably wear my wednesday addams dress though!

How do you style black??
Often with black haha. But I always try to think about what colours that look good with my hair. I prefer matching my purple hair with black, white, grey, purple and blue. Very dark colours but I think they look the best.

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to be as cool as you on Instagram? 
Be yourself!


  1. such a cute interview omgg <3


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