Sunday, 9 February 2014

♡ Lil' Angel Baby OOTD ♡

Crop Top - H&M
Fluffy Cardigan - H&M (They don't stock it anymore)
Skirt - Catscornervintage*
Choker - Etsy
Platform Chunky Boots - Ebay

I absolutely love every outfit that I put together that looks mysterious but, cute at the same time...
This outfit was one of them.
The skirt makes me feel badass and cute at the same time since it's a pleated cheer skirt; but if I was going to make this a casual outfit, I would pair the skirt with a baggy striped tee but without those platform shoes.

My favourite thing about this outfit is the choker, it brings out the witchy bad girl side of me.
It always does when I wear a choker, no matter what it has on it.
I feel so good now that I have the same inspired choker as Natalie Portman wore in 'Leon' so, this outfit was kind of a modern take on that film with the choker and black clothing.
I can see the image in my head, can you?

My lovely friend Cat sent me the lovely cheer skirt with a few other goodies, she's fab.
I adore the skirt so so much because it makes me feel like I'm in my own cheer team.
The team I would be in, would be 'CUTE'.. also thanks to Cat for sending me the skirt.

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