Monday, 24 February 2014

What I Did In France /

Day 1

 I spent most of my time on the plane reading manga books, listening to Lana Del Rey
 and Temple Run 2. I also had a hot chocolate on the plane, it was so so good. 

and then we arrived. 

and this was the best selfie I could take at this time, but I was so tired so; I forgot how to take selfies haha.

Day 2

We went bowling. Me, my cousin and my Dad. My dad won the bowling games but, the first game I managed to get a strike on my second go. I felt proud since it was proper bowling, no barriers. Just bowling. 
Then we went to the arcade and I went to play the basketball game thing. 
It actually doesn't have a name I think because you have three basketballs and a clockwatch timing you on how many shoots you can get in the hoop. My score was 25.

Also, my Dad bought me my favourite M&MS because I was feeling hungry and it made the day 10x funner! 

The people in Aix were chopping down trees that had viruses because they had a massive whole inside and they needed to be chopped, so my dad took a picture of me with a chopped tree. 
I called it a sad tree because it's gone and I was sad because I love those sort of trees in my hometown.

I also bought myself a French manga book about a mermaid.

and here is the details of my outfit

T-shirt - H&M
Bomber Jacket - Mango
Leggings - Topshop (SALE)
Purse - Mango 

Day 3

We went to see my cousins and this happened. 
Yes, we were seeing how tall we were from the shortest to tallest and I'm the smallest teenager out of my family over in France. 

and I spent my money on AA because I adore American Apparel. 



  1. Are items in France expensive?

    1. Yeah.. Just a little :)

      They're cheaper over here in the UK, they just make it 10 times more expensive, but I don't know. It depends if you wanna buy something over there as a treat, it's more branded stuff that are expensive.

      Elisa <3


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