Friday, 27 December 2013

My Choies Wishlist!

I've never made a wishlist before;

Now, let's start.
First of all, I absolutely love Choies and you will too.
To be honest, you can never go wrong with Choies because they have everything you wish, but still need and the prices are the price of high street fashion. 

Most of the stuff they sell are fabulous because it's original and you can be one of those people who walk into school like the only one who has it which is what I love about Choies.
If you're an extravagant person like me who doesn't wear a lot of neutral colours, they also have extravagant clothes in neutral colours that you will love if you're that kind of person;
however if you're like me and live on rainbow colours and unicorns.


I can't describe how much I want this

Now.. This coat is my dream coat because it reminds me of a girl version of Peter Pan and I would love to feel like Peter Pan but, in a girly way.

I really like wearing pleated skirts especially black ones because they go with everything. Literally.

I love this dress because it's so unique and I feel like it could be flowy and perfect to wear everyday which is why I love the way it looks because it tricks people to thinking "is it a dress or a shirt?".

"UGH! AS IF!!"

Go check out Choies! They are so VOUGE!! 
They also have Instagram and Facebook because they don't live under a rock...

If I could legally download clothes, I would download all of these haha :)

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